Q: Is room & board included in the dance tuition? 

A: Sorry, room & board is a separate cost. find out more here for Summer and here for School Year

Q: Are there refunds for tuition and fees if my child is unable to attend the Summer Intensive?

A: Sorry, there are no refunds.

Q: If I am accepted for the Summer Intensive am I accepted for the School Year?

A: No.  School Year acceptance is separate from summer.  audition@therockschool.org has more information on auditioning for school year programs.  You can audition for both school year and summer at the same time but you need to specify that you are interested in school year.

Q: Can I register for School Year once the session has begun? 

A: Yes.  We recommend students wait until the start of a new quarter to avoid paying for classes that have already taken place.  Quarters are approximately 8-9 weeks in length.  (Side note- we may re-name "Quarter" as people get very confused that we are referring to 1/4 of the school year and not 1/4 of the calendar year).  We typically discourage people from registering for/after Quarter 4 since we are getting so close to the end of the year by then.  Students who sign up this late may not have as positive of an experience since most of the students have been in the class since September.  They are also not eligible to participate in Showcase.

Q: Are there scholarships available? 

A: The School does have a few scholarships and discounts.  Scholarships and discounts may not be combined.

  • Pay-in-Full Discount – 5%  School year only.  Applies to students who register before or during Quarter 1 and provide payment for all four quarters at once.  A 5% discount will be applied to the tuition total.
  • Early Pay-in-Full Discount – 5%  Summer Intensive only.  Applies to students who register within three weeks of acceptance and pay ballet tuition in full.  Only applies to dance tuition (not residence, academics, or outings).
  • Sibling Discount – 5%  School year and Children's Summer Dance only.  Applies to families with at least two children enrolled simultaneously who do not have another scholarship or discount.  A 5% discount will be applied to the tuition of the student with the lower tuition payments.
  • Employee Family Member Discount – Varies; Amount depends on type of employee (full time v. part time).
  • Young Boys’ Scholarship – 100%  School year and Children's Summer Dance only.  Applies to any male student between the ages of 3 and 11 enrolled in a ballet class.  The scholarship covers ballet class tuition only.  Tuition for non-ballet classes, fees, and performance costs must be paid separately.  Students are subject to a Scholarship Fee.
  • City Dance Scholarship – Varies;  By invitation only for local students ages 6-11. Families must provide evidence of financial need.  Students are subject to a Scholarship Fee.
  • Merit-Based Scholarship – Varies; Awarded by Directors at time of acceptance.  Based on dance merit only.  Typically awarded to Professional Division students or upper-level summer students.  May be for ballet tuition, academics, or residence (scholarship offers very and scholarships are not transferable from one category to another).  Students are subject to a Scholarship Fee.

The School is not able to offer need-based financial aid (outside the City Dance Program) for school year or summer.

Q: When is the best time to register my dancer for the Children's Program? 

A: You may enroll your dancer anytime, we recommend registering early rather than later to get your first choice in class day/time. We also recommend registering at the start of our quarterly sessions. 


When and how do I apply for Residence?

You can apply for Rock School housing after you have completed your audition and have been admitted into the Rock School.  The application can be found in the Summer Ballet Intensive Registration forms.  This application requires you to pay a $65 non-refundable registration fee.  Once completed, the Residence Life Manager should contact you for further info.  If not, please contact the Residence Life Manager, Yenni Leoto at leotoy@therockschool.org or contact Residence at (267) 968-4845.


When will i receive a room assignment?

Room assignment is done according to age/level.  You will know your room assignment and roommates by Move-In day

Can I request a friend/family to be my roommate? How?

You can request a friend/family to be your roommate as long as they are around the same age and level, preferable.  The best way is emailing the request to summeresidence@therockschool.org

We ask for separate emails from each parent of the student requesting to be roommates. 

You will receive email answering your request.

You may also fill out our online form by clicking HERE.

Can I change my room once I move in?

No, once the room is assigned you cannot change.

What type of rooms are available?

The MC Residence has rooms from 2 to 5 beds depend on the size.  Each room is an apartment with its own bathroom, laundry room and kitchen (stove can’t be used).  Each student has a XL Single bed, a desk, a chair, a dresser and a lamp.

Where can I sign up for a Residence Tour?

Please contact the school office, Email at info@therockschool.org
They coordinate the Residence Tour

When is move-in?

Move-in day is usually a day before the class starts at school.

When is orientation?

Orientation is same day of move-in day right after dinner.

What utilities are included in the room?

Don’t know what you mean with this question.  All utilities are included when you pay for Room & Board (except your personal phone bill, of course).

Does either or both of the residence and dance school have wifi?  Is there wifi where they do their homework?

Both, the school and residence have wifi services.  Students will receive the password and ID once they move in.  If the student is staying at Cabrini for the Summer Intensive, there is wifi for guests.  It is recommended that students' phone have their own access to internet in case they need it and they are out of range, but students can switch to free wifi whenever it's available so they don't have to use all of their data (if it's limited).

How big are the beds?

 XL Single beds

Can I bring in my own furniture?


Where can I store my extra stuff?

There are a few storage places around the MC such as Rent-a-space.  Some students share a space.

Have any more questions?