The Best Dance Training In The Region
• Since 1963 •

The Rock School mission focuses on excellence in dance training and in nurturing children and young people. At The Rock School they learn patience, persistence, attention to detail, discipline, teamwork and self-motivation. The Rock School for Dance Education has developed a reputation as one of the nation's top pre-professional training programs. The School's primary goal is to produce classically trained and versatile dancers, which The School has done for nearly 50 years. The School's exceptional faculty, individual attention, unique in-house academic program, supervised residence program, nurturing environment, personal attention, and the success of its alumni attract dancers from around the globe. Approximately 1,500 dancers audition each year.


Registration is open throughout the School Year. 

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Bo Spassoff,
President & Director of The Rock School

Our mission is to train the whole dancer. We enable our students to reach their highest standards of technique and artistry. Inherent to our approach are nurturing supportive, caring people who want to elevate the art form and the audience. 

Stephanie Spassoff,
Director of The Rock School 

The Rock is our part-time home and the people who work and learn here are family.  The love of dance is our shared focus and feeds us all in different ways.