2020 Rock Summer Ballet Intensive Audition Tour

Students must audition and be accepted to attend our Summer Intensive. 

Master Class Audition: Pre-Registered (coming soon) • $30, Walk up on-site • $40



Karin Averty - formerly Paris Opera
Rachel Butler - Huntsville Ballet Director
Joaquin de Luz - Former New York City Ballet Principal
Derek Dunn - Boston Ballet Principal
William Glassman
Esteban Hernandez - San Francisco Ballet Principal
Jeanette Kakareka - Bayerisches Staatsballett
Sarah Lapointe - Charlotte Ballet
Maiqui Manosa
Chase O'Connell - Ballet West Principal
Eric Otto - formerly ABT, NYCB
Philip M. Otto - Huntsville Ballet Director
Luciano Perotto - Ballet de Monterrey Soloist
Beckanne Sisk - Ballet West Principal
Tomoha Terada - Ektarinaberg Ballet
Daniel Ulbricht - New York City Ballet Principal
Juliana Missano - Atlanta Ballet Corps

and more!


Levels 2/2X
15 hrs ballet technique
4-5 hrs pointe (an alternative dance class is offered once a week, subject to change)
7.5 hrs rehearsal (for 5/6 week students)

Levels 3/3X AM*
16 hrs ballet technique
4.5-5.5 hrs pointe
8-10 hrs rehearsal (for 5/6 week students)

Levels 3X PM*- Levels 6
17 hrs technique
4-6 hrs pointe
1-1.5 hrs Partnering
10 hrs rehearsal
(for 5/6 week students

Amended class times for July 4 and Showcase performance days

Subject to change
*AM/PM distinction for level 3X is determined by the number of weeks the student attends. 2, 3 & 4 week students are AM. 5 & 6 week students are PM. 1 week students are not split into AM/PM. 

Artistic Director, Stephanie Wolf Spassoff

Artistic Director, Stephanie Wolf Spassoff


5 & 6-week students have the opportunity to perform on stage at The Seaport Museum. No audition is needed. No extra fee required. Performance is free to family.



Fun, supervised events for the students such as a trip to: NYC including a Broadway musical, Planet Hollywood; America's first zoo; 4th of July Fireworks, end of summer Dinner Cruise, and more!


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Students must audition and be accepted to attend our Summer Intensive. 
There are three ways to audition; master-class (part of the audition tour), video audition, or in-class audition.  

Audition: - walk up on site, video, or in-class - $40


After exploring all of our 2019 program offerings...

...Create your Rock School account and register online

By clicking the link above, you can create or update your Rock School Account through Studio Director. 

Paper registration is also available and is REQUIRED for scholarship students. 

Students and parents must comply our policies and procedures outlined in the 2019 Summer Intensive Handbook available below.

Waivers and releases are required for all dancers attending the 2019 Rock Summer Ballet Intensive. Please email the completed forms to registration@therockschool.org

International students wishing to attend The Rock School must fill out the International Student Form. Student who hold U.S. citizenship do not need to complete this form.

If you received a split level placement, i.e. 3/3X or 4X/5, register for the first level written. 

Residence, Academics, and Fast Forward Dance registration is also available through your Rock School account/ paper registration. 

More questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact: info@therockschool.org

Dancer: Alumna Victoria Jaenson, Charlotte Ballet • Photographer: Susan Beard

Dancer: Alumna Victoria Jaenson, Charlotte Ballet • Photographer: Susan Beard


Payment of the registration fee, tuition, room and board are done through your Rock School Account or by check mailed to The Rock School.