We are so excited to have you as another member of our Rock School family!  
Below is all of the information you need to know regarding residency during the SCHOOL YEAR.



General Inquiries  

Residence Student Life Manager:
Yenni Leoto

Residence Life Manager:
April Farlow


2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

MOVE-IN: September 2nd and 3rd, 2018
MOVE-OUT: Week of June 7th, 2019

7:30AM-9:30AM -----Breakfast*

10AM-10:30AM -------Break/Class Prep
10:30AM-1PM ---------Morning Dance Session
1PM-1:30PM -----------Lunch*
1:30PM-3PM ----------Rehearsals (may vary)
3PM-3:30PM ---------Break
Afternoon dance session times vary depending on the student's level but usually begin between 3:30PM and 4:30PM. 
5PM-7PM --------------Dinner*

*All meals are prepared by The Rock School's Bistro and are served in the cafeteria.



Mailing Packages to The Rock School

Marine Club residents can pick up packages/mail at The Rock School. Residents SHOULD NOT receive any mail at the Marine Club

All mail to Marine Club residents should be addressed as follows: 

The Rock School for Dance Education
c/o Student Name
1101 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Greetings Rock School Residence Families!!!!
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.

Here are a few helpful reminders that will help kick the year off in a smooth fashion.

Dormitory students are expected to arrive Sunday, September 2nd and/or Monday, September 3rd. Official check-in is scheduled between 11:00am and 6:00pm. If you will be arriving after that date, please email us immediately at (residence@therockschool.org). Academic classes begin on Tuesday, September 4th, while ballet classes begin on Wednesday, September 5th. Please enter the Marine Club on the Washington Avenue side. Press the buzzer and you will be admitted immediately. Take the first elevator on the left to the second floor. There will be signs to guide you. If you need help transporting items carts are available at the front desk on the first floor. The exact address is 1100 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. You will be coming to the C bldg. – 2nd Floor – Rock School wing. The Residence Staff will be available to answer questions regarding Residence Life. Posted signs will direct you to the dorm floor and former students will be on hand to help. Please be aware that the first meal will be dinner on Monday September 4th. Parents and students are responsible for meals in the interim. Please note that meals/food can be delivered and picked up at the Marine Club front desk. There will be a Welcome Pizza Party dinner and salad at our Ballet Bistro at 5:30pm on Monday, September 3rd.

****** New or returning parent orientation will be at 6:30pm in Marine Club student lounge room 215C on Sunday and Monday

******* Residence Dormitory Floor Meeting is at 8:30pm on Monday, September 3rd. Attendance is mandatory.

***** Your resident dancer under 18 years of age is expected/required to know and follow residence life rules at the conclusion of this meeting.

***** Students over 18 years must follow all curfew and floor rules pertinent to them living on the dorm floor.
If any student is unsure of something, they should ask a staff member.

TARGET Store - Students may sign up for the weekly shuttle to Target so that they can purchase needed items. Target Shuttles occur weekly - usually on or by Thursdays.

Students are not permitted to stay in the dorms during Christmas break, or Spring break. This is particularly challenging for international students. Please plan ahead on making the necessary arrangements for your student to either return home, stay with a host family, or with a new friend from The Rock School family for the Holiday. You can find the dates at: therockschool.org


The Rock School Residence is located in the Marine Club Condominiums Building, directly across the street from the Rock Center. The Rock School occupies one floor, which includes sixteen beautiful, large, loft-style apartments, a spacious student lounge with a large television, and a study room. Each apartment has a full kitchen, full bath, laundry room, and is air-conditioned.


The Marine Club Residence Managers and Assistant Staff provide twenty-four hour care for each student on an individual basis, ensuring students are well supported while living away from home. The Residence Director and the Student Life Manager both live on the floor with the students. There are security cameras in the building, as well as 24-hour doormen/security to ensure each resident is safe.  


The School provides residence students a comprehensive meal program at the Rock Bistro located on the second floor of The Rock School. Vegetarian fare is always available, and Rock Bistro friendly staff can accommodate for any unique food allergies. Menus are designed to fuel the athlete/dancer with a full schedule. Students are encouraged to make recommendations and suggestions.  


Social events are in conjunction with Academics and open to Professional Division students. The Residence and Student Life Managers, Director of Rock Academics, School Directors, and Board of Trustees work together to plan exciting, educational activities, as well as fun events for the students. These activities can include (but not limited to) trips to the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Philadelphia Zoo, Phillies baseball games, nearby malls, movies, dance performances, and theaters, as well as in-house arts, crafts, holiday games and birthdays. 


The Rock School takes our student's health and well being seriously.  We know our dancers work hard everyday to get their bodies conditioned for class and upcoming performances.  The School works alongside parents and health care providers to encourage healthy lifestyles.  Students have access to a Physical Therapists, Doctors, Counselors, and Nutritionists to nurture their physical/emotional growth and development.  Contact our Student Life Manager for more information.


We are so excited for you to join our Rock School family during this school year!  With that in mind, we wanted to make sure you don't leave your dancing shoes behind and created a PREPARATION CHECKLIST just for you! Click the button below to make sure you're all prepared for a wonderful school year!

Need bedroom decor ideas?  

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