All non-US citizens attending the Rock School for the Professional Division or Summer Ballet Intensive (any session) MUST have an M-1 visa.

Obtaining and maintaining proper status as an international student is the student's responsibility.

First, please submit your audition:

After you have been accepted please fill out this form:


Q: I am a returning student.  Does my I-20 automatically renew?

A: No. You need to obtain a new I-20 every year and fill out a new International Student Form (link).

Q: English is not my first language, is this acceptable?

A: Yes. Rock Students come from all over the world. Some students primarily speak non-English languages. They tend to learn a lot during their time here in class and socializing. During the School Year Rock Academics offers English as a Second Language (ESL), providing an introduction to the English language for non-English speaking students. email for more information regarding ESL classes.

Q: When should I complete the International Student Form?

A: As soon as you can.  An I-20 cannot be issued without the information provided in the International Student Form.  The I-20 is required to get a visa and the M-1 visa interview and application process can take several additional weeks.

Q: I am attending the Summer Ballet Intensive for one week.  Can I enter the U.S. on a B (tourist) visa?

A: No. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must enter the country with an M-1 visa to attend Summer Ballet Intensive classes at The Rock School.

For further information please review this U.S. international student resource website: