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The Rock School for Dance Education’s Advancement Associate assists in overseeing fundraising activities and recording/acknowledgment of. They are involved in contacting and developing relationships with donors and sponsors and in creating grant programs. TRS Advancement Associate works closely with the Advancement staff, The Director of Advancement and Board members to identify potential sources of contributed revenues and track the progress of fundraising activities.

Advancement Associate Duties and Responsibilities 

TRS Advancement Associates complete several tasks in support of raising the funds needed to sustain growth and maintain the highest level of quality in continuing operations.

Create and Track Fundraising Events

TRS Advancement Associates must be adept at sustaining effective fundraising campaigns. This involves contacting potential donors, maintaining relationships with existing donors, organizing fundraising events and creating and submitting reports to management teams that detail the progress and effectiveness of each endeavor.

Record Donations

One of the primary tasks of the TRS Advancement Associate is to maintain a transparent record of donations. They will work with the organization’s accounting department, directors and Board members. They are also typically responsible for sending authorized acknowledgement of donations to donors and granting agencies.

Research Funding Sources

Working with other team members, a TRS Advancement Associate is typically involved in identifying and reporting sources of and recording the required activities associated with granting requirements. This would include researching/tracking private and govt. funding programs both existing and new to TRS.

Provide Administrative Support

From supporting grant-writing efforts to organizing newsletters and other communication materials, TRS Advancement Associate is involved in helping the organization maintain records, communicate with donors and manage a calendar of events.


Advancement Associate Skills

TRS Advancement Associate candidates should be strong problem-solvers and be detail-oriented individuals with above-average organizational and verbal and written communication skills. They should work naturally within a team environment as well as possess the ability to work with little supervision as needed. Strong project management skills are also essential, as Advancement Associates are usually active in creating fundraising campaigns, events, and projects. An understanding of marketing and promotions practices are beneficial to this position. In addition to these attributes, Advancement Associate candidates should be familiar with the following tasks:

·       Cultivating donor relationships – communicating with donors and sponsors to maintain strong relationships to ensure continued donations

·       Overseeing fundraising campaigns – organizing and tracking fundraising events to expand funding opportunities

·       Reporting to management staff – creating reports that show fundraising progress and effectiveness of current and past campaigns

Advancement Associate Tools of the Trade
As an Advancement Associate with TRS, it will be important for you to be competent in using the following systems:

Nonprofit fundraising software – Raiser’s Edge - integrative software to improve communications, track reports and consolidate relevant data about donors and donations.

Microsoft Office applications – From creating micro-budget spreadsheets and Word documents to developing charting/presentations, TRS Advancement Associate candidates must be fluent in Microsoft Office applications to complete daily tasks.

G Suite - Google’s Office Suite of Email, Calendar Spreadsheets, and task/document management

Advancement Associate Salary
TRS Advancement Associate salary begins at $29k-$35k based on experience and education, and includes a comprehensive medical/dental package with generous fixed and paid vacation time.

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