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The Rock School for Dance Education has developed a reputation as one of the nation's top pre-professional training programs.  The School's primary goal is to produce classically trained and versatile dancers, which The School has done for over 50 years. 



Sunday 10/2/16               
CHICAGO, IL                       
1:30-3:30 pm Age 8+
The Joffrey Ballet 

Saturday  10/8/16               
PITTSBURGH, PA                 

3:15-5:15 pm Age 8+
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School
Sunday 10/9/16               
BOSTON, MA                         

1:30-3:30 pm   Age 8+
Boston Ballet

Registration on site - 30 minutes prior to class


Monday 12/19/16              
BRATTLEBORO, VT                
5:30-7:30 pm  Age 8+
Brattleboro School of Dance


Sunday 1/8/17              
HOUSTON, TX                              
3:00-5:00 pm  Age 8+            
Houston Ballet Academy      

Saturday 1/14/17                  
HUNTSVILLE, AL                          
12:00-2:00 Age 8+
Huntsville Ballet Studios

Sunday 1/15/17     
PHILADELPHIA, PA                      
3:00-5:30 pm   Age 8-13
5:30-7:30 pm   Age 14+
The Rock School for Dance Education

Saturday 1/21/17                  
CHICAGO, IL                                
5:00-7:00 pm  Age 8+
The School of Ballet Chicago           

Sunday 1/29/17            
WINSTON-SALEM, NC                  
1:00-3:00 pm  Age 8+
North Carolina School of the Arts


Sunday 2/5/17              
WASHINGTON, DC                        
2:30-4:30 pm   Age 8-13
5:00-7:00 pm   Age 14+
The Washington School of Ballet

Sunday 2/5/17              
KANSAS CITY, MO                        
1:00-3:00 pm   Age 8+
Kansas City Ballet

Saturday 2/11/17                  
BROOKLYN, NY                                      
4:30-6:30  pm  Age 8+
Mark Morris Dance Center

Sunday 2/12/17            
NEW YORK, NY                            
2:00-4:00 pm   Age 8-13
4:30-6:30 pm   14+
School of American Ballet

Saturday 2/18/17                  
MIAMI, FL                                          
3:30-5:30 pm Age 8+
Miami City Ballet

Sunday  2/19/17      
ORLANDO, FL                                
1:30-3:30 pm   Age 8+
Orlando Ballet School

Saturday 2/25/17                  
ATLANTA, GA                              
5:00-7:00 pm   Audition Age 8+
The Atlanta Ballet

Saturday 2/25/17                  
SANTA MONICA, CA                          
2:30-4:30 pm   Age 8-13
5:00-7:00 pm   Age 14+
Westside School of Ballet

Sunday 2/26/17            
FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA                
1:30-3:30 pm   Age 8-13
4:00-6:00 pm  Age 14+
Southland Ballet Academy

March 2017

Saturday 3/4/17           
SAN DIEGO, CA                              
2:30-4:30 pm   Age 8+
San Diego Academy of Ballet

Sunday 3/5/17              
SAN FRANCISCO, CA                          
2:30-4:30 pm   Age 8-13
4:30-6:30 pm   Age 14+
Oberlin Dance Collective

Sunday 3/12/17            
PHILADELPHIA, PA                                
3:00-5:30 pm   Age 8-13
5:30-7:30 pm   Age 14+
The Rock School for Dance Education

for more info email audition@therockschool.org



The Summer Ballet Intensive is a selective, audition-only program that immerses aspiring dancers in a minimum of three classes per day, plus rehearsals, plus classes on Saturdays for Levels 3-6.  The Rock School offers Adagio, Men's & Women's Variations, Pointe, Repertoire, Injury Prevention, & more! The Rock School Summer Intensive accepts students ages eight and up.
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Beginning Ballet students are invited to join the exciting atmosphere of The Rock School’s Summer Session. Two three-week long sessions will be held for children aged 4-11 with little or no previous ballet training. Students must be 4 years old as of June 2017.

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The Rock School for Dance Education's Hip Hop program provides fun classes that allow students to develop physical fitness, mental fortitude, creativity and cultural understanding. Classes feature a variety of musical genres, old school and new, in order to expose students to the wide range of styles that fall under the Hip Hop umbrella. 
Classes for ages 6 - 10 (Junior Hip Hop) and 11+ (Teen Hip Hop).
Students gain a foundation that allows them to tap into the most popular dance trends of stars, ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber to Beyoncé and shows like "So You Think You Can Dance." Students will develop self-confidence, responsibility, communication skills, leadership and an understanding of theatre. The Rock School for Dance Education's Hip Hop program provides an upbeat and engaging environment for self-enhancement and discovery-making through the practice of dance. 

The Rock School's Summer Ballet Intensive National Audition Tour is sponsored by:

2017 Summer Intensive Registration

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Photos from Rock Center's Summer Ballet Intensive Showcase at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts.