Quarterly 1: Due Upon Registration:
Tuition + Administrative Fee + Scholarship Fee + Activities Fee (if applicable)
Quarterly 2: Due NOVEMBER 5, 2018
Quarterly 3: Due JANUARY 22, 2019
Quarterly 4: Due APRIL 1, 2019



Installment #1: Due Upon Registration
Tuition + Administrative Fee + Scholarship Fee (if applicable) + Unified Student Fee
Installment #2: Due OCTOBER 9, 2018
Installment #3: Due NOVEMBER 5, 2018
Installment #4: Due DECEMBER 10, 2018
Installment #5: Due JANUARY 22, 2019
Installment #6: Due FEBRUARY 25, 2019
Installment #7: Due APRIL 1, 2019
Installment #8: Due MAY 6, 2019


The Rock School awards three types of scholarships and two types of discounts. Discounts may not be combined with other scholarships or discounts. All discounts must be entered manually so paper registration is recommended.


All scholarships are given at the discretion and direction of The School Directors. The Rock School awards three types of scholarships:

Merit - The Rock School offers a limited number of full and partial tuition scholarships, primarily to students in the upper levels. These scholarships are based on talent and ability and are awarded only by The School Directors.

Young Boys - The Rock School is proud to support the training of young male dancers. Scholarships are available to male students, ages 3-11 in Creative Movement and ballet classes. The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition for Creative Movement and ballet classes. Other classes (ie. Hip Hop or gymnastics) are not covered by the Young Boys’ Scholarship.

City Dance - The Rock School’s City Dance program enables The Rock School to identify and train talented students, who meet financial based eligibility requirements. Students may be awarded full or partial scholarships by invitation or audition only.

All Rock School students who receive a scholarship award, full or partial, are subject to a Scholarship Fee for the school year. The Scholarship Fee helps subsidize administrative expenses necessary to support The Rock School’s extensive scholarship programs. Scholarship students are not eligible for other School discounts in combination with his/her scholarship(s). Scholarships cover tuition only. Additional fees for performances or competitions are not included in the tuition scholarship award.

All Rock School students who receive a scholarship for the school year must submit paper registration and sign the The Rock School’s Scholarship Acceptance Agreement. Failure to comply with the scholarship terms will result in a verbal warning. Any such verbal warning may be followed by complete revocation of the scholarship award.

Scholarship Terms
Scholarship recipients must attend all regularly scheduled dance classes to which he/she is assigned and will report all upcoming absences promptly to The Rock School’s main office at (215) 551-7010 ext. 1100 or email frontoffice@therockschool.org

Students are not allowed to train at other schools unless granted permission by The Directors. Any outside training would be for jazz or modern work only.

Dancers must adhere to the student dress code established by The Rock School.

Scholarship recipients are to be polite, respectful, and supportive of fellow students, staff, and faculty.

Scholarship recipients and their families are not to discuss scholarship information with other students and parents.


The Rock School offers two tuition discounts for the school-year program. Discounts may not be combined with other scholarships or discounts. All discounts must be entered manually so paper registration is recommended. The discounts available for the 2018- 2019 school year are as follows:

Pay-in-Full– If a student’s annual tuition (for the entire school year, September through June) is paid in full, the student will receive 5% off the total tuition. This applies to all dance, residence, and academics tuition. Discount cannot be used if student has already been awarded a scholarship.

Sibling– Discount applies to families with at least two children enrolled in any dance program at the same time who do not have another scholarship or discount. A 5% discount will be applied to the tuition of the student with the lower tuition. Contact The Rock School for more information.