Students will be placed in one of our two residences, learn more about them here: 

Questions? Contact:  SummerResidence@therockschool.org



MOVE-IN between 11:00-4:00pm •  MOVE-OUT before 12 pm

5 WEEKS SESSION (June 25 - July 27)

MOVE-IN: Sunday, June 24, 2018     MOVE-OUT: Saturday, July 28, 2018

4 WEEKS SESSION (July 9 - August 3)

MOVE-IN: Sunday, July 8, 2017     MOVE-OUT: Saturday, August 4, 2018

3 WEEKS SESSION (July 9 - July 27)

MOVE-IN: Sunday, July 8, 2017     MOVE-OUT: Saturday, July 28, 2018

2 WEEKS SESSION (June 25 - July 6)

MOVE-IN: Sunday, June 24, 2018     MOVE-OUT: Saturday, July 7, 2018

1 WEEK SESSION (July 30 - August 3)

MOVE-IN: Sunday, July 29, 2018     MOVE-OUT: Saturday, August 4, 2018

Classes begin on a Monday
If you are arriving after the check-in date, please contact us immediately at:


There is no Saturday Class for the last weekend of your student's session.  Every session will end on a Friday, because student's move out the next day, Saturday, before noon.


$705........................ 1 WEEK       (July 30 - August 3)
$1,395 ................... 2 WEEKS     (June 25 - July 6)
$2,070 ................... 3 WEEKS     (July 09 - July 27)
$2,730 ................... 4 WEEKS    (July 09 - August 3)
$3,360 ................... 5 WEEKS     (June 25 - July 27)
$3,975 ................... 6 WEEKS    (June 25 - August 3)
Limited housing is available during the one-week session. 


If you have any questions about routines and activities for resident students, please call The Rock School at (215) 551-7010 ext. 1100. 


Under the direction of the Rock School Residence Director, a team of adult chaperones, headed by the experienced Rock School Summer Residence Director, provides all supervision at Rock Residences.  Parents can also apply to become a Chaperone for our Summer Ballet Intensive. 

Welcome to the 2018 Rock School Summer Intensive. We are very excited to have you all joining us!

My name is Toby Lewellen and this is Amanda Sewell we are your Cabrini Residence Managers. We are both professional dancers and spend our summers in the dorms working with the students.

We are only two of a team of chaperones that make it possible to have a safe and fun summer for each and every student.
Chaperoning is a great way for parents to get involved and to share an incredible experience with their student.

- Toby Lewellen & Amanda Sewell

Want to be a Summer Chaperone? Or know of a college-aged student who is looking for a meaningful summer job? Contact Toby at lewellent@therockschool.org



Please notify a Summer Chaperone, 24 hours in advance if your dancer will be receiving guests. Guests are not allowed in the student dorms, they are allowed in the common areas and the lobby.  Students must sign out with the office and sign in up returning. 


Each student will obtain an assigned room key, which must be returned at the time of checkout to avoid an extra fee of $100. Dancers must carry their keys with them at all times. Please be aware The Rock School makes no exception to its key replacement rule.


We will provide you with the phone numbers of all chaperones and the Residence Director’s office upon arrival at registration. 


Every dancer must sign out when leaving the residence, even if he/she is going far from the front of the dorm. We require students who leave theresidence to be in the company of at least one chaperone.

Students (13 years old and younger) are affected by the early curfew at 10pm and 11pm for students 14 years old and up. Chaperones know each student’s whereabouts at all times.

All rules are designed to ensure that every student is safe at all times.


When possible The School assists with arrangements for your child to attend services at a local church, synagogue, and/or other places of worship if she/he wishes. Further information will be provided at orientation.


Chaperones will periodically check student rooms to make sure that sanitary conditions are maintained. Chaperones will respect students’ privacy and will not, by any means, expect extreme tidiness; however, we are under a contractual obligation to the University to ensure rooms and common areas are kept reasonably clean and undamaged.


Meals are included in the fees for residence students. Cabrini Resident Students will be served breakfast and dinner on the University campus, while lunch is provided at The Rock School's Café. Meals are healthy and nutritious to keep your ballerina/ ballet dancer energized to dance.


We strongly recommend that students have a debit card from a bank near home. This will allow parents to deposit money in the student’s account and have no worries about arrival of funds or excessive service charges. An ATM is available on Cabrini’s campus and the Marine Club lobby.

When deciding how much spending money to give your child, please consider that she/he may wish to buy snacks (the studios are equipped with water fountains and the Rock Café offering daily lunches and treats), toiletries, souvenirs from The Rock Shop, ballet supplies, transportation between the airport and the residence, souvenirs and/or snacks purchased on outings. 


Weekend Outings are a wonderful way to enhance your summer. The Residence Manager, Assistant, Director of Rock Academics, School Directors, and Board of Trustees work together to plan exciting, educational activities, as well as fun events for the students. These activities can include (but not limited to) trips to the beach, the Philadelphia Zoo, a fabulous dinner cruise, nearby malls, 4th of July fireworks, dance performances, and theater. 

Many additional activities, as well as smaller group outings are planned. Students will have the opportunity to attend dances, movies, small group trips, arts and crafts workshops, board game nights, scavenger hunts, swimming, Target shuttles, and more. These activities will be offered to residents at minimal or no charge.

Note:  At least one chaperone is on duty at each residence at all times. Any resident who chooses not to participate in an off-campus activity may stay at the residence.


Please fill out the form below for assisted transportation to or from the Philadelphia International Airport. Transportation is available to Summer Residence students only. 

The Rock School will be offering airport transportation service for students age 8-17 who are traveling with an "unaccompanied minor" status through their respective airline ONLY. Please check with your airline for specific details regarding this service prior to contacting The Rock School.



General Inquiries  summerresidence@therockschool.org 

Residence Life Manager:
Yenni Leoto



We are so excited for you to join our Rock School family during the Summer Ballet Intensive program!  With that in mind, we wanted to make sure you don't leave your dancing shoes behind and created a PREPARATION CHECKLIST just for you! Click the button below to make sure you're all prepared for a super fun summer!



The Residential Program provides:

1) Living accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and safe. 

2) A supportive, nurturing learning environment that promotes responsibility, citizenship, and independence while students pursue their goals in dance at The Rock School.

3) A food service program that provides a variety of nutritious and high quality meals in pleasant surroundings. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students are provided with a meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Mondays through Sundays.

The Residence Life staff lives on the floor with the students. The Residence Director keeps the line of communication open between the students, School Directors, and parents and helps to provide a healthy, comfortable, and above all, supportive living environment for all students living in the Residence. This comprehensive handbook explains the rules of residence life. It is mandatory for all students to abide by these rules and curfews. Failure to follow these rules may be grounds for discipline, up to and including immediate expulsion.

Living in a residential environment requires a balance between preservation of the individual’s rights and privileges and those of the total community. In order to maintain this balance, individuals violating the rights of others, or Rock School policies will be subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from The Rock School.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the disciplinary sanctions imposed are fair, consistent, and in line with this program’s role to complement the educational process at the Rock School. The rules will be enforced firmly to protect the health and safety as well as the rights and privileges of ALL residents.

Residence Requirements

Rock School students are responsible for the facilities and equipment rented or loaned to them. They are required to accept individual responsibility for their actions as an important adjunct of group living. Consideration for others is the basic principle that needs to be followed by all students.

Each resident possesses individual rights, which roommate(s) and other residents are responsible for respecting. These rights carry a reciprocal responsibility. 

Every Rock School student is required to be disciplined, responsible, and courteous at all times. The School Directors reserve the right to suspend and/or expel any student at any time whose attitude, class attendance, work habits, overall conduct, or physical fitness for classical dance training is judged unsatisfactory.  

In order for your child to leave the program for a non school related event or outing the Residence Director must have confirmation – faxed, mailed, or emailed from the person escorting my child before permission is approved.  Resident activities typically occur during the weekend; therefore, we request that you submit this permission form by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the weekend of the event.  Thank you.