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A home away from home for students coming from all over the world to train and refine their technique.  The Rock School Residence is located in the Marine Club condominiums directly across the street from The Rock School as well as in the beautiful tree lined Cabrini University. 




Some of the girls who attend our summer ballet intensive program will stay at this beautiful 112-acre campus in the suburbs of Philadelphia where students may enjoy the window-lined indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts, large gymnasium, bookstore, and student center. Student accommodations are modern, air-conditioned, dormitory-style with community bathrooms, living rooms, and laundry facilities.


The Rock School residence is located in the Marine Club Condominiums directly across the street from the Rock School.  The Rock School residence occupies 1 floor in the Marine Club. The Marine Club Summer residence is based on gender age and level. Typically all boys are in The Marine Club.