Individuals paying tax to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may be eligible for the EITC program by making a contribution to The Rock School’s Scholarship Fund. All EITC donations support access for economically disadvantaged students to education from The Rock School.

The Education Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania allows individuals to reduce their state tax liability – equal to 90% for a two year commitment.

For Example:  A $10,000 gift to The Rock School in a given year is a $9,000 tax credit for you OR a $20,000 gift to The Rock School over two years is an $18,000 tax credit for your company. 100% of your gift designation will serve the Rock School.


  1. Download the one-page gift ‘joinder’ from Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund.

  2. Complete the application and submit via mail with payment.

  3. Read the application packet carefully and fill out the form (page 16). This form will be used to approve your tax credits. Applications for the program fiscal year are now being accepted and are processed on a first come-first serve basis.

  4. Send application form to:
    Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund
    The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program
    Attn. Tami Clark, Executive Director
    227 Jefferson Ave., Tyrone PA, 16686

    Contact Info:

    For questions regarding your donation

  5. Your contribution will be made to The Rock School in January 2019.

  6. The Rock School for Dance Education will confirm receipt of your contribution in writing.

  7. Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund will notify the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue to provide your State Income Tax credit.

Please contact Richard Clark, at 215.551.7011 x1115,
of The Rock School Advancement Department with questions.